Our capabilities, experience and honesty are at our customers’ service in any phase of a PV project, starting by Development, Engineering, Construction, Procurement and continuing for the Operation, Maintenance, and Investment. We are there for you at any state and any country.


EPC – Large Scale and C&I

We are specialists in the design and execution of EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) and O&M (Operations & Maintenance) services for Large Scale and C&I PV projects.
We can provide turnkey solutions, or any services needed to execute projects, from land studies, detailed engineering, procurement, construction (civil engineering, mechanical installations, LV/HV electrical installations, communications, monitoring, alarm and auxiliary systems, etc.) and commissioning.




Sofos Harbert Renewable Energy develops solar energy projects for third parties and in house. With capabilities and ´know how´ to successfully find the better solutions for a new project.


The Development services includes every step of the process. The consultant first stage, the pre-engineering process, site selection, permits, etc., so the projects fulfill every legal and technical requirement to become an attractive solar energy asset.


Storage System

New solutions of solar energy storage are down the road and Sofos Harbert provides the services to obtain clean energy and adapt ourselves to the technologies and improvements in every area related to our expertise in Solar + Storage. We work closely to other storage system companies as partners.



Sofos Harbert is open to any project investment related to renewable energy technologies. We can get involve with an investment, no matter in which stage, from the early first steps of a project to owning and operating the assets.
Our company can participate in a long-term investment, being part of the equity, operating and owning the plant, etc.